Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Outsider Xmas 4 - Now More Than Ever

I guess one of the reasons I haven't put out any more of these compilations is that I figured with the internet and all, everybody had all this stuff -- but I realized recently that not everybody spends all their spare time obsessively collecting weird-ass music. Nonetheless I should acknowledge the other obsessives that I cribbed off here, including wfmu's Beware of the Blog, Music for Maniacs, and God knows who else. Oh, and I snagged the image from Tom Recchion's FB page. (It's Ed Wood, unidentified lady, and Bela Lugosi.) Merry Xmas, y'all!

Click here to go to the free DL page. Tracklist in comments.

Also, these mediafire links sometimes get confused about the source material -- if you have trouble, return her and reclick the link. Reloading the page doesn't work.

(PS: The reason this is #4 is that #3 was a hipster version, and remains unfinished.)

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DougH said...

00 Ernest Hare - Santa Clause Hides In The Phonograph.mp3
01 Daniel Johnston - Christmas in The Looney Bin.mp3
02 Jeff St Pierre and Phillip Antoniades - Rubber Bells.mp3
03 Jan Terri - Excuse My Christmas.mp3
04 Troy Hess - Christmas on the Moon.mp3
05 Tiny Tim with Bruce Haack - Zoot Zoot Zoot Here Comes Santa In His New Space Suit.mp3
06 Stompin' Tom Conners - Down On Christmas.mp3
07 Bruce Haack - I Like Christmas.mp3
08 Bob Anthony - Christmas In London.mp3
09 Paul Anka - Christmas in Japan.mp3
10 Isao Tomita - Ave Maria.mp3
11 Korean Childrens Choir - Jingle Bells.mp3
12 DO or DIY & PLU - Smash Hits Party.mp3
13 John Greaves & Peter Blegvad - Christmas Past.mp3
14 Jandek - Bring It In A Manger.mp3
15 Barry Gordon - Zoomah the Santa Claus from Mars.mp3
16 Linda Bennett - An Old-Fashioned Christmas.mp3
17 Red Simpson - Santa's Comin' In A Big Ol' Truck.mp3
18 88 Yr Old Woman - Let Us Keep Christ In Christmas.mp3
19 He-Man & She-Ra - Christmas Song.mp3
20 The Shaggs - We Have a Savior.mp3
21 Stompin' Tom Conners - Tom Speak.mp3