Saturday, June 7, 2014


This week's guest on Less Art Radio Zine on KCHUNG will be local independent cinema auteur and micro-label mogul Mike Ott, whose new film Lake Los Angeles has its US premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Sat, Jun 14th (7:30pm at Regal Cinema, L.A. Live, Theater 10 if you must know but there's only rush seats left).

LLA is the final chapter in his Antelope Valley Trilogy, preceded by the award winning features LiTTLEROCK and Pearblossom Hwy -- who owe their success in no small part to the presence of hot indie star/model Cory Zacharia, whose casual, half-improvised dialog buoyed Ott's hypnotic realism.

We'll be asking Mike why Zachariah only appears in a single bar scene in the new movie; why the whole damn thing's in Spanish, and why he didn't take my soundtrack suggestion of "Oh Mickey (Spanish Language Version)" for one of the pivotal scenes.

We'll also hopefully be listening to some of the music from his films -- much of which derives from his involvement in the independent music community, most significantly via his label Sound Virus, which issued sides from Liars, !!!, Hello Fever, and A Trillion Barnacle Lapse.

Who the hell are those people?! I don't know. Perhaps we'll find out. Tune into Doug Harvey's Less Art Radio Zine at 12 Noon on Sunday June 8th, 2014, and join me as I learn the answers to these and many other questions on Doug Harvey's Less Art Radio Zine. Doug Harvey's Less Art Radio Zine! Doug Harvey's Less Art Radio Zine! Doug Harvey's Less Art Radio Zine! Thank you.

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