Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Josh Aster on LARZ - Download Now!

The most recent (Valentine Slash President Feb 16 2014) episode of Doug Harvey's Less Art Radio Zine is now available for free download or streaming from the KCHUNG Radio archive. I was worried that the first half would be completely unintelligible because I left the stream feeding back into itself, but it turned out OK! And I remembered to take a picture this time, though I forgot to do a higher quality stereo recording of Josh's guitar and kalimba improvs. Oh well, lo-fi rules anyway!

Actually, though, for higher-res versions of recordings by his newest ensemble Voluminous Sparks, check out their Soundcloud page - Josh said he has some solo stuff up there too, but I can't access it yet, so get the show DL and check back for updates.

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