Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kamikaze Recovery

Recovering one of my two dead hard drives made me conscious of how much documentation I haven't got around to putting online, so I've started to dig in. Here's a sampling of the dozens of photos I just posted to my website - about half that I have on hand from Mannlicher CarcanoPlex Mach 01 - the PØST one-night-only Kamikaze show I curated in 2010 - an "expansion of  Mannlicher Carcano's collage-based aesthetic principle to 3 Dimensions, including sound, performance, didactic elements, food and drink, sexy projections, and all manner of art objects." Participants included Lily Simonson, Michael Q. Schmidt, Joshua Aster and Kristin Calabrese, Michael Arata, Eamonn Fox, Walpa D'Mark, Phyllis Green, Daniel Hawkins, Lee Lorenzo Lynch, Laurie Steelink, Brad Spence, Jimmy Chertkow, Aaron Wrinkle, Joe Deutch, Young Summers, and many many more! It was one of my best curatorial experiences ever. 

If any rich people want to pay me to take a year off and start tackling Chain Letter, message me!

Images (some by DougH, some by Michael Gomez-Burton): Joe Deutch performance; Michel Q. Schmidt as Bacchus; install with George Budd, DougH, Young Summers; Lily Simonson's Anne Frank Karaoke; Ross Rudel's Wet Column; Michael Arata's Hot Dog/Drawing Exchange (with Peter Frank! Get it?); Lee Lynch's Tin Man meets Lily Simonson's Anne Frank.

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