Saturday, August 7, 2010

CSSSA to Exist

Interrupted the narrative arc of the tag-team intro painting "Upward Bound" extravaganza for a 6-day artist/filmmaker/critic/whatever residency at CalArts for the State's prestigious high school arts program in conjunction with Marnie Weber's more extensive tenure, which included filming of a new as-yet-untitled Super 8 Sunset Boulevard meets Bride of the Beast cinematic masterpiece. I had to skip the actual shoot for the Western Sighthound Combined Specialty in Lompoc -- where Portfolio kicked ass yet took no points -- but I did get to be a Spirit Girl (Crone Iteration) for their second-to-last public performance. Further Documentation forthcoming.

Images by DH: Marnie Mensroom Suite #002, Portfolio at WSCS2010 in Lompoc #001, both works 2010

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