Sunday, March 8, 2009

S'more Paintings

There's been a recent surge of shows by painters who were included in last January's Third Annual LA Weekly Biennial: Some Paintings, and I was hoping to write a roundup piece for the Weekly. Unfortunately, scheduling it was too much of a nightmare, so I'll just use this forum to alert the world to the following current, upcoming, and missed opportunities to catch up on the LA painting scene. Above, Chloe experiences a Dutcherific thought bubble embolism at LAVC's Intuitive Eye: The Diana Zlotnick Collection, which also includes this c. 1960 work by mysterious SP participant Michael Oledart, as well as pieces by Adrian de la Pena, Llyn Foulkes, and Michael Arata.

Mark Dutcher's work is also the subject of a typically spectacular solo show called Havilah at Steve Turner Gallery through March 21. Below: Total Eclipse, 2009

Brad Eberhard's solo debut As Different as Twins is up under the auspices of Thomas Solomon Gallery at Cottage Home through March 14th. Below: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, 2009

Tomory Dodge's latest ACME show After Forever is also up through the 14th. Below: Stars, 2009 

Llyn Foulkes, Charles Irvin, and Victoria Reynolds are all featured in Ali Subotnick's Nine Lives: Visionary Artists from LA exhibit at the Hammer Museum, up through May 31. Foulkes: The Lost Frontier, 1997-2005; Irvin: Untitled, 2008; Reynolds: Flight of the Reindeer, 2003

There's also a bunch of shows that have come down, but can still be digi-seen online, including Esther Pearl Watson at Billy Shire, John Kilduff at Jancar, Lisa Adams at Lawrence Asher, Monique Prieto at ACME, Michael Arata at Woodbury University, Constance Mallinson at Angles, David Korty at Michael Kohn, and Kaz Oshiro at Rosamund Felsen. You can understand how I had a little trouble getting organazized! And I'm sure there's a couple I've forgotten - I thought I saw something about an Annie Lapin installation in Pasadena, but it ain't googlin'.

Oh well. Watson: Washing My Hair in the Tub, 2008; Kilduff, Internet TV Collaboration #5, 2008; Adams: After the Deluge, 2008; Prieto: Tomorrow Morning, 2008; Arata: Nigel negotiating Obstacle Course, 2008; Mallinson: Decaying Olympia, 2008; Korty: Untitled (Magazine Stand), 2008; Oshiro: Untitled corner Piece (Turquoise), 2008.

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